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Kimberly Fetrow
Kimberly Fetrow on 8/9/2019
Dr. Eric and Dr. Kyle are the best. Very professional, kind, patient. Affordable. Clean. Quick. Knowledgeable. All the things I want in a chiropractic clinic. I can always get an appointment for me and my family when I need one.
Brent Johnsen
Brent Johnsen on 8/8/2019
My wife and I began seeing Dr. Kyle over a year ago. His thorough approach and his focus on balanced extremities has us feeling amazing after each visit. We've noticed how continued and routine check ups have shifted our aches and pains from something we react to/against and instead, shifted towards something that our bodies now try and counterbalance naturally. It feels like a type of extensive retraining for our muscles and joints. We can't recommend Columbia River Chiropractic more highly.
Lynda Cadwell
Lynda Cadwell on 8/22/2019
My experience at Columbia River Chiropractic has been extraordinary! I have had issues with both shoulders at different times and Dr. Kyle has been able to bring things back to normal and alleviate the pain. He is so caring and knowledgeable. So glad to have found him.
Stefanie A
Stefanie A on 8/15/2019
I had been struggling with daily neck and upper back pain for over a year following a car accident I was in when I was referred to Dr. Kyle at Columbia River Chiropractic. The neck pain kept me from feeling comfortable exercising and being as active as I usually am. I was quite nervous to see a chiropractor, but Dr. Kyle was very patient with me, he talked me through each adjustment helping me feel comfortable with getting adjusted. I was honestly pretty skeptical that I would find much relief from the pain, however I no longer have any neck or back pain and feel so much more confident in being active again. Along with helping with my neck and back pain Dr. Kyle has also been able to help me with constant headaches I had been getting. The whole care team at Columbia River Chiropractic have been so kind, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough in their care and I am so appreciative for their help in feeling better.
Melissa Flores
Melissa Flores on 9/3/2019
Seeing Dr.Kyle at Columbia River Chiropractic has been very helpful in treating my low back and shoulder issues. I love that in addition to treatment he also gives exercises to correct and strengthen my problem areas. My back and should are doing great even through strenuous work.