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Noriko Ryder
Noriko Ryder on 10/10/2019
I have been treated by Dr. Kyle for almost 3 months now. I was not sure about chiropractic first for lower back, my neck and shoulder pain first, but after 2 visits, I noticed a big difference. I am actually feeling good! He is very easy to talk to and always concerns about my health. He recommended which supplement to take and I feel happier over all. I recommend Dr. Kyle big time. He made my lower back, neck and shoulder pain manageable, so I can enjoy my life :)
Amanda Becerra
Amanda Becerra on 12/11/2019
Dr. Eric is amazing! Very thorough and I felt like the exam and adjustment was gentle and covered so many things! I literally walked out if there like a whole new person!
RJ Lange
RJ Lange on 11/8/2019
My entire family (2 toddlers) see Dr. Kyle regularly. I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease this past April and could barely go about my normal day. If it wasn't for the adjustments and other treatments I was showing up for I literally would not be able to continue being active and living pain free. My husband is an Ironman and sees him regularly as well. Not only do we see him for our adjustments but sinus issues and ear pain with my young girls. The entire staff is so welcoming, knowledgeable, and caring. I can definitely say I would not be where I am today in living as symptom free as possible from my autoimmune disease without their care!
Ciera Monique
Ciera Monique on 9/13/2019
Dr. Erik Turner is amazing at what he does! You all should definitely pay him a visit because he takes his time with you and is very gentle on movements which helps when you’re in pain or feeling stuck. I work in heavy labor and he makes sure to let you know ahead of time on what movements he does before he does them. I left feeling 100% better than when I first walked in stiff as a board! Thank you guys again for your awesome customer service!!
Sarah Johanns
Sarah Johanns on 10/12/2019
Dr. Turner is fantastic! He does such a great job at finding the root of the problem and explaining how he’s going to correct it. I always feel so relaxed and calm when I leave his office. Highly recommend!