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Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones on 1/8/2020
I had a back injury 3 years ago that led to multiple additional injuries and an inability to work. Physical therapy and steroid injections weren't helping and I was losing hope. I withdrew from life and gained 140 lbs. I had horrible experiences with chiropractors in the past, so I was avoiding them. A friend knew this place was different and made me promise to go. The first visit was promising and productive. Dr. Turner has really made a difference in my life. I have been seeing him for 2 months and have regained hope. I am able to work out regularly and have already lost 20 lbs. I am very thankful for CRC helping me restore lost life.
Rachel Harrison
Rachel Harrison on 1/7/2020
I went to Dr Kyle very reluctant that anything would help..and my first time to a Chiropractor. I have had back pain for a long time and for the last 6 months a shooting pain from my back all the day down to my leg. Some movements this pain would bring me to my knees. My first appointment I realized that Dr Kyle was all about "peeling away the layers" to find the root of the issue. I loved that! In only 2 months of seeing him, that shooting pain is completely gone and my back issues are so much better. And I am confident that in the near future....i will be pain free! So so thankful for Dr Kyle and Marcy!
Mande Baggett
Mande Baggett on 12/26/2019
They are amazing, very friendly, helpful, and gentle. Me and my siblings always love coming here and look forward to go here every week. Well with all types of ages!!
dmurill .
dmurill . on 1/17/2020
I would like to share my experience with Dr. Bryant from Columbia River Chiropractic. I started having pain in my left knee about 2 years ago. The pain came at night a few minutes after lying down. The pain becomes so severe that sleep is evasive. I have tried several ways to eleviate the problem, chiropractors , massage, medical doctors, although these are good I would find only temporary relief. Since I have been to several chiropractors already I was not expecting much this time. Columbia River Chiropractic treatment is not the norm, it is different and produces results. To my surprise after only 1 visit I was able to sleep. Thinking this was too good to be true, the next night I over slept. I am very thankful I tried this treatment route. I think I need to purchase an alarm clock! God Bless the doctors and staff there. Thank you
Amanda Becerra
Amanda Becerra on 12/11/2019
Dr. Eric is amazing! Very thorough and I felt like the exam and adjustment was gentle and covered so many things! I literally walked out if there like a whole new person!