About Us

Columbia River Chiropractic is a Kennewick based chiropractic clinic that aims to bring the best chiropractic care and most cost-effective approach to address acute and chronic injuries for the Tri-cities community.


Mission Statement

Columbia River Chiropractuc seeks to help our community's health and well being through chiropractic services and education. Our goal is to improve the current health paradigm through the education and empowerment of our patients to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.


Our Approach

Our non-invasive, drug-less, and surgery-less treatment techniques are focused on correcting underlying sources of pain.  Drs. Kyle Bryant and Perry Barnhill customize these techniques and treatment plans to each patient in order to get the best, longest lasting results. We want our patients to be able to realize and improve towards achieving their health goals.



Meet Dr. Kyle Bryant

Dr. Kyle Bryant is a chiropractor who is the descendant of multiple Tri-citian generations. He attended Kamiakin high school where he played soccer all 4 years and graduated in 2003. After playing collegiate soccer and getting his bachelor’s degree from Gonzaga in 2007, he went on to begin his chiropractic education at the University of Western States in Portland, OR. While there he gained valuable knowledge and experience that provided some drive and direction for his evolving passion towards health.  

After graduating in 2012 he moved abroad with his wife, Desiree, to Ireland to begin the first experience of his professional career. After a year over-seas, the Bryants decided it was time to become a little more settled to begin a family and further develop Dr. Kyle’s career - which landed them in Spokane, WA.  After 3 unforgettable years with treating patients and receiving a certification in extremity injuries, the Bryants again felt it was time to move due to their growing family – but this time back to home.

Dr. Kyle comes to the Tri-cities and Columbia River Chiropractic as the only active CCEP (certified chiropractic extremities practitioner) within a 100 mile radius, which allows him to incorporate arm and leg injuries into spinal dysfunction injuries. The certification required an additional year of study and requires an exceptional knowledge in biomechanics of the extremity joints and injuries that can result as a consequence of their dysfunction.


"I enjoy working with patients and families of all ages who participate in a wide range of activities from weekend warriors, to musicians, to elite athletes. My approach is holistically focused within a chiropractic-wellness paradigm - I believe the body is self-healing and we must learn how to tap into these abilities if we are to understand solutions to our health.  This perspective allows me to focus on finding medical answers through preventative health and function.  Another unique component of my treatment philosophy is rooted in the CCEP knowledge of extremities and overall mechanics of body movement I welcome any patient striving to better themselves and improve their health!"


In his personal life, Dr. Kyle is married to his wife, Desiree and has two kiddos – Noa (3) and Rhett (1). He enjoys spending time with his family and extended family, staying active, and of course – playing soccer!


Meet Dr. Eric Turner

Dr. Eric Turner is a Tri-Cities native, born and raised in Richland. A 2009 graduate of Richland High School, he was actively involved in track, cross country, and student leadership. After his freshman year at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, he served a two-year church mission in Arizona. While serving as a missionary, he had become well acquainted with a chiropractor in the Glendale area. Dr. Eric refers to this as his first personal experience with chiropractic.

“Two years of walking, biking, and just being on my feet was all starting to take a toll on my body. Thanks to regular adjustments, this great chiropractor helped me to feel better and take control of my own health. The more we spoke, the more he encouraged me to consider becoming a chiropractor myself!”

Upon finishing his mission, Dr. Eric returned to his studies at BYU (where he met and married his beautiful wife, Carly!). He received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in 2015. The Turners then moved to Davenport, Iowa, where Dr. Eric enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic. For the next three and a half years, he immersed himself in the science, art, and philosophy of health at the birthplace of chiropractic. His passion for the body and its capabilities only grew as he worked as a dissector in the human cadaver lab, and as a teaching assistant in the chiropractic technique department. He continued serving in student leadership capacities such as president of his class, and vice president of the Palmer cycling club. In February 2019, Dr. Eric graduated from Palmer College and joined the team at Columbia River Chiropractic.

“I chose to become a chiropractor because I want to help people achieve their health and wellness goals in a unique and personal way. The body is capable of healing and regulating itself, but I don’t want to just tell people about that—I want to help them to experience it. To me, there is no 'one way' to approach chiropractic care, and I seek to give people the individually tailored approach that will best help them achieve optimal functionality. I look forward to treating individuals and families of all types.”

Dr. Eric enjoys spending time with his immediate and extended family, and is grateful to return to the Tri-Cities. He loves outdoor activities including cycling, hiking, and baseball. He can often be seen (or heard) playing his bagpipes. The Turners are expecting their first child, a boy, in spring 2019.

Meet Dr. Perry Barnhill

"People often ask me - Why did you become a chiropractor?

My answer: I had headaches as a teenager and I had them all the time. Having tried several different things for relief, nothing seemed to give me more than temporary relief. Even then, I knew there had to be something or some type of treatment out there that could help me more, and get to the source of why  I was having headaches.

I was 18 years old and a friend of mine told me to go see a chiropractor. I didn't even know what a chiropractor was at the time. I decided to go - I had nothing to lose. The doctor did an exam and took some x-rays and told me my neck was seriously out of its proper alignment and that this was probably the cause for my headaches and neck pain. After a few treatments, the relief was amazing. At that time I decided I wanted to go chiropractic college. So here I am today!"


I invite you to come and see if we can help you with any issues you may have.

Meet Marcy - Chiropractic Assistant

Meet Marcy Hjellum - Dr. Kyle's chiropractic assistant who will be helping with much of your recovery and wellness experience.


"I was raised in the Tri-Cities where I attended Kamiakin High School. I played basketball and volleyball at Kamiakin and received a full ride scholarship to play volleyball at Central Washington University. I graduated from CWU in 2014 with a Bachelors degree in Clinical Physiology with a minor in Athletic Training. 

In 2015 I moved to Maryland with my husband, where I became a certified medical assistant and worked for a Cardiologist for two years. I am grateful for the knowledge I gained while working in this environment, however it did make me realize I wanted to transition into a more natural approach to healthcare.

In the summer of 2017 we moved back to the Tri-Cities, and received the opportunity to became a part of the Columbia River Chiropractic team.

I am so excited to be a part of Columbia River Chiropractic and continue to grow personally and as a team! I truly believe that a healthy lifestyle is the best medicine, and it is my duty to help teach our patients how to achieve it!"

Meet Christina - Front Desk Receptionist

Meet Christina - the first and last face you will see as you attend the clinic!


"Born and raised in Northern California, I graduated highschool in 2003. After traveling the world while serving in the United States Navy, I decided to make the Tri Cities my home for the last 12 years. 

When I'm not with my family traveling, enjoying the eclectic world of music, or learning about health and fitness, I enjoy working with relief organizations and local outreaches. Helping people is a passion of mine and an area I excel. 

I am excited to to join the team at Columbia River Chiropractic because I firmly believe in a chiropractic lifestyle as a great approach to health.  With 11 years of progressive experience, my mission is to provide quality care to each individual patient to ensure your needs are met. I am looking forward to helping all of you! "

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