What Our Patients Say

What Our Patients Say

At Columbia River Chiropractic, we are fortunate enough to experience some of the wonderous benefits and recoveries due to chiropractic care within in our office, but not everyone has the chance to hear about them. Here are some of our testimonials and success stories that may inspire you or someone you know to ask if we can help.


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I have had amazing results with Dr. Kyle. I recommend him to anyone who needs chiropractic. Friendly staff everyone is very helpful. I look forward to my visits.

- Shelly C.


Dr. Kyle Bryant is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and personable. I have never received a chiropractic consultation checking how my body responds after one legged squats, hip & arm strength checks, etc! I am excited to continue my body's health journey under his guidance and care. I HIGHLY recommend him!

- Nicole H.


I had the pleasure to get treatment from Dr. Kyle for 2 years. Kyle is a great listener and was able to provide great instruction to give my body the best chance to recover from my injuries.

I have 100% confidence in Dr. Kyle and recommend him to anyone seeking to better their quality of life. I was first recommended to Kyle through a friend who wanted to see me back on the soccer field after suffering a debilitating tear in each of my quads. I was in pain daily, I had limited function and flexibility throughout my body and I did not feel like myself mentally. I was very skeptical before treatment but as I progressed I started noticing many positive changes every month. To my surprise I am now in the best shape of my life and I have returned to my normal self with the bonus of having increased body awareness and a great posture!

I cannot thank Kyle enough, he definitely changed my life!

- Scott N.


Dr Kyle fixed my shoulder issues and plantar fasciitis as well as my spine. Love the full body approach to chiropractic!

- Heidi S.


Dr. Kyle was great! He provides a holistic and nutritional approach in his care of the whole body. I have seen him throughout my pregnancy for lower back and tail bone issues and noticed a significant difference with my pain and mobility. It's nice to see a doctor who truly cares and listens to the patients needs.  

- Marie N.


Love Dr. Kyle! He is quite knowledgeable and tells you what is going on. He has given me suggestions on everything from nutrition to exercise for strengthening my back muscles. He has helped my back feel better.  

- T Geo


Dr Kyle is so awesome!! Very happy with the great service. I love this place. ❤️❤️ Fantastic job. 

- Kim W.

I have never been to a chiropractor before. Dr. Kyle was my first. I totally trust and know that he has my best interest at hand. I highly recommend him. Gina.  

- Gina N.


Dr. Bryant is truly one of the best in the tri-cities. I have know him for 20 years and the man I grew up knowing has grown into an unbelievable and outstanding, compassionate, honest, gentle, straightforward doctor. Now that he is back in the area, I won't let a single person adjust me. Even if it means waiting in pain if he goes on vacation, he will be the only man to adjust me. He is a rare type of man and that makes him a special doctor. Also he is one of the best soccer players I've ever had the chance of playing with.

- Brock L.

Dr. Kyle provides care above and beyond what I've experienced with other chiropractors in the past. He is always searching and learning news ways to help his patients.

- Jill G.


Dr. Kyle is the best chiropractor in the Northwest. As a post-polio sufferer, I have seen him monthly for years and found him to be excellent at getting me balanced and walking upright immediately following treatment. He seems to know right where the difficulties are in my structure and has quick, painless treatments to relieve my body. In addition, he's funny, caring and helpful with assignments to strengthen me between sessions. My husband and I will miss him greatly...we plan to see him in Kennewick when driving through the area.

- Molly H.


I won't go to another chiropractor after seeing Dr. Kyle. He listened to what I had to say, was extremely knowledgeable, and tailored a treatment plan specifically for me. Seeing Dr. Kyle really has been a life changer!  

- Mitch P.

I was referred to Columbia River Chiropractic by a friend and was very happy they did. Dr. Bryant and staff at CRC genuinely care about their patients and getting them better. Dr. Bryant laid out a plan for my wife, daughter and myself following a car accident that was both reasonable and cost effective; he even examined my daughter and recommended that she did not need treatment as she didn't have any injuries following the accident. My wife and I were feeling better in no time at all and he didn't try to drag treatment on forever or try to sell us a lifetime membership like other clinics I have been too. If you have any aches and pain or serious injury I would go see Dr. Bryant for a consultation and see what he can do for you.

- Daniel B.

I literally can't say enough good things about Dr. Kyle! I had a bad accident and messed up my back and pelvis badly. I suffered from chronic pain for 5 years, but thanks to Dr. Kyle's excellent care I'm doing so much better and not in constant pain! He cares about not just fixing the problem, but about his patients as a whole. He's friendly, gentle, personable, is very knowledgeable about not just chiropractics but about overall health and wellness, and just an excellent chiropractor. Dr. Kyle has truly been the best and most caring medical professional I've ever seen!

- Cheyenne Q.

Dr. Kyle is seriously the best! He has helped transform my entire family's health and wellbeing in so many ways. His holistic approach has been such a breath of fresh air. From spine, extremity, nutrition, sports injuries, pregnancy pain relief, eczema/ dietary allergies.... the list goes on and on.... he's the go-to health professional you can count on every time.

- Susan R.

I've been seeing Dr. Kyle for almost 3 years now. He's kept me functional now through two pregnancies, a half marathon, and being a cosmetologist. He's thorough, compassionate, and gentle. I have received the best care from him. Columbia River Chiropractic you are one lucky clinic!

- Megan W.


Dr. Kyle is awesome! He is the best. Takes the time with every patient and is so knowledgeable. He was able to help my badly sprained ankle, messed up shoulder and pretty much every other body part. In fact, I am even willing to travel to see him-- he is that good! You won't be disappointed with his care. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend.

- Heather B.

I've received care from Dr. Kyle for the past few years and highly recommend. As an ND I'm very particular about the care I receive and send many of my patients his way for the level of care I know they will receive.

- David G.

Dr. K is very kind, honest and has great hands. The minute you're with him you can feel his focus and dedication to your health. Thanks Dr. K!

- Kevin Z.

Dr. Kyle is Wonderful! He’s very personable and cares about treating his patients! Columbia River is lucky to have him!                

- Jamie C.

Dr. Kyle treats you as an individual and caters his treatment for what you need! Highly recommend him

- Alexandrea W.

I have had the benefit of receiving chiropractic adjustments from Dr.Kyle Bryant for the past 2 years. I am a massage therapist and have had different physical strains arise from that from time to time. Dr. Kyle was always able to address the problem quickly and in a way that never inhibited my ability to work or do other activities. He is a skilled chiropractor and also knows how to ulitize tools such as Graston therapy, therapeutic exercises and kinesciotape to give you the best possible care that is personalized to you. I would highly recommend him to absolutely anyone! From newborns, to elderly patients and every person in between.  

- Ciara H.

I've been treated by Dr. Kyle for years- He is so great at finding the root of the problem and fixing it. One of the unique things about Dr. Kyle is he continues to educate himself on the latest and greatest in this ever-changing healthcare world and his vast knowledge is openly shared with his patients- beyond the typical chiropractic care. He's great!  

- Caitlin P.

I've been getting treated by Dr. Kyle for about a year and can't say enough good things! He's an exceptional practitioner who always takes the time to listen to my concerns and addresses them during the adjustment. I especially love how he treats the extremities in addition to the spine.  He has helped me with shoulder, wrist and ankle pain. I also used to get daily headaches before chiropractic treatment and now I rarely get one- this has truly changed my life. He is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements as well. I get complete holistic care with Dr. Kyle!  

- Katie R.

Dr. Kyle truly cares about his patients. He goes the extra mile to ensure he is giving you a full body adjustment and listening to your needs vs. doing the "default adjustment". I have trusted him with my newborn daughter, myself and watch him adjust other family members - old and young. His accurate, yet gentle approach will leave you feeling better then you did when you walked in his office.  

- Jeneane C.

Dr. Kyle listens to what's going on with your body and explains the science behind it and what his treatment will be to help heal the problem.  His professionalism and caring manner helped put me at ease right away.  I felt relieve from my tennis elbow immediately and he gave me exercises to do on my own to ensure the tendon would not get inflamed again.  I would highly recommend him as your chiropractor.  

- Julie W.

Dr. Bryant at Columbia River Chiropractic is fantastic at his job.  Not only are his adjustments gentle and precise but he has a real understanding of how the body works.  Dr. Bryant does a good job of treating the condition and not just symptoms.  I can't recommend him enough for anybody suffering from headaches, neck pain, low back pain or pain in any of their extremities!              

- Gregory O.


Dr. Kyle is the most thorough chiropractor I've seen. Also, any issue I've had with shoulder, knee or back- he always relieves the problem. He's knowledgeable and explains how to correct the problem. I highly recommend Dr. Kyle!  

- Liz B.


Dr. Kyle has been a lifesaver to me! I have had several issues regarding my feet, wrist and jaw and all of which got better under Dr. Kyle's treatment. I was skeptical every time with each injury and was made a believer in chiropractic care when I was healed.  

- Desiree B.


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